Seed processing is a crucial step in refining post-harvested seed to its purest form for replanting purposes and human/animal consumption. Seed processing is divided into two main categories: seed cleaning and seed treating. Seed cleaning involves the use of equipment to make various size and density separations of material so that the healthy seed is separated from the trash and bad seed. Depending on the customers needs, this can be an in-depth process involving various machines to achieve the required degree of separation. We understand that often times your needs are driven by your customers. Our diverse Seed Processing line allows us to cater directly to your needs. Seed treating or seed dressing is most commonly for seed purposed for replanting. This process involves taking the cleaned seed and coating them in a chemical, usually antimicrobial or fungicidal, to make the seed more robust for the field. A. R. McKay can easily integrate seed treating equipment into an existing system, while allowing you to by pass the treater when it is not needed