The Uzzell Brothers came to A. R. McKay in October 2015 with the dream of having their own seed processing facility.  A. R. McKay worked closely with the brothers through December 2015 designing their process and procuring the equipment.  Located in Goldsboro, NC, the system is designed to clean for local farmers in the neighboring counties.  The scope of the project includes a bulk truck unload pit, a bucket elevator with tower support, various short term storage hoppers, a 400 bushel per hour Air Screen Cleaner, and a full manual bagging line and bulk bagger.  The system also has the ability for bulk truck loadout.

MMI Grain storage is the millwright doing the equipment install.  Construction began back in mid-February.  The attached picture shows the current progress on the job site.  Everything is coming together nicely and the equipment is being installed according to the layout drawings provided by A. R. McKay.  The hopper cones are being installed currently.  Once completed, the conveyors can be installed over the hopper line to fill the hoppers and under the hoppers to unload.

Being a seed cleaning facility, all the material handling equipment is extremely gentle handling.  All the conveyors are designed specifically for fragile material where degradation is an issue.  If the fragile seed is not handled correctly, more seed will be lost during the cleaning process do to splits and breaks.  Drag conveyors are the most common horizontal conveyors on the project.  The bucket elevators are Universal Industry “Easy Dump” legs.

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