The “4 Bagger System” is a relatively inexpensive and efficient bagging system.  Perfect for deer corn and other seeds, dry feeds, wood pellets, polymers and any other granular free flowing product, this system can achieve (4) 50 lbs bags per minute while utilizing only one operator.  Upwards of 8-10 bags per minute can be achieved with multiple operators.

The basic system includes:

  • ~30CF Hopper for Product (Can be purchased or made by local fabricator)
  •  a gross weight bagging scale (fully mechanical or digital)
  • 8’ bagging conveyor with back rail
  • A wand switch to stop the bag on the conveyor
  • A foot switch to start both the conveyor and portable sewing machine
  • An adjustable pedestal to mount a portable sewing machine (designed to handle most portables)
  • A portable sewing machine

The operation of the system is basically as follows: Operator places bag 1 on the bagging scale and begins filling. When filled to the correct weight, bag 1 drops onto the moving 4 bagger conveyor (either automatically or manually depending on type of bagging scale). The operator then will hang bag 2 on the scale and begin filling bag 2. The operator then moves down to the left and catches up with bag 1 which has hit a wand switch and stopped the conveyor before bag 1 entered the sewing head. The operator then reforms the bag top of bag 1 and uses the two-position foot pedal as follows: Depress half way down to start the conveyor, depress all the way down to operate sewing head. When the operator removes his foot from the foot pedal after the bag has been sewn closed, the conveyor will keep running and the sewing head will stop. After bag 1 has been sewn the operator will place the bag on a pallet. At this point the conveyor is running and bag 2 has already been filled by the bagging scale and is waiting for the operator to return. The operator simply returns to the scale, drops bag 2 onto the moving conveyor, hangs bag 3 and the process is repeated.

The system is designed for one-man operation. 15 seconds is allowed for one man to physically hang the bag, sew it and stack it on a pallet. If full speed production is desired (8 to 10 bags per minute depending on the scale model), the wand can be removed from the switch and the second operator reforms the bag top for sewing and controls the start/stop of the sewing head with the foot pedal. Under this scenario the conveyor never stops and multiple operators are required for filling, sewing and stacking of the bags.

Please contact A. R. McKay for further details.