A.R. McKay and Gerrard & Associates are pleased to announce our new sub-representative partnership, bringing together two processing and material handling manufacturer’s rep firms, one located in Mooresville, NC, the other in Hickory, NC, that have served the Southeast for a combined 113 years.

When you visit A.R. McKay’s website (A. R. McKay.com), you will note that their primary area of activity is in packaging, palletizing, and automation of any material, with an emphasis on material handling in the seed, grain, and feed industries.

When you visit Gerrard & Associates’ website (gerrardassociates.com), you will note that the manufacturers they represent are in the more heavy duty industrial applications, with an emphasis on dry bulk material handling, heating and cooling, dust collection, and level indication.

However, with our combined line cards, we will now be able to process a full range of materials – from seeds, to trees, to rocks- then convey to and fill everything from a 50,000 ton Panamax cargo ship to a 5 pound bag – and everything in between.

With a Construction Civil Engineering degree and a General Contractor’s license within our group, we have complete turnkey capability. And our computer-generated 3D drawing capability enables us to furnish complete general arrangement and layout drawings on those projects where we are selling complete systems and both firms have applications.

We are excited about this new partnership and the greater range of equipment and systems offerings that it brings to our customers. If you have to process it, measure it, convey it, or fill it, call A.R. McKay or Gerrard & Associates and we will find your solution.

Chip and Hal Huffman – A. R. McKay Processing Machinery

Dave and Bob Gerrard – Gerrard & Associates