A. R. McKay specializes in all aspects of storage for industrial and agriculture applications.  From aggregate and polymer pellets to corn and soybeans, we are confident we can find a solution that is right for you.  Storage capacity insures that you always have good consistent product staged to feed your process as well as to store your finished product.  A. R. McKay can design and size an efficient storage system to accommodate your current needs as well as your projections for the future.  If the goal is to grow, your storage needs will grow with you also.

Storing and conditioning product is a crucial part of any farm or seed operation.  Depending on the state of the product and the storage time, this can affect the type of bin that is needed.  Conditioning a commodity prepares for long-term storage or readies the commodity to be processed. Conditioning a commodity is typically achieved by either a dryer that introduces heat and air to the commodity or by natural air-drying in your storage bin.  The goal is to extend the longevity of your commodity by keeping it at the optimum moisture content.  This keeps your product free of rot and disease.  Let A. R. McKay find the right solution for you.

Dry Bulk Storage

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