Storage & Drying

Many agriculture and industrial products need to be stored before selling or processing. Extending the longevity of your stored commodity is achieved by keeping it at its optimum moisture content. This keeps your product free of rot and disease. Typical applications include: aggregates, polymer pellets, grains and seeds..

Storage Bins

Long term storage (months) of agriculture commodities is typically done in metal storage bins. These bins rest on concrete pads and are round with flat bottoms. To maintain the moisture percentage, quite often these storage bins have a fan attached to them which moves air up through the bin.

Hopper Tanks

Short term storage (weeks) of product is done in hopper tanks. These round metal bins have a conical bottom and are suspended on legs. Typically a transfer conveyor is located underneath and is used to move the product to the processing area.


When fans alone are not able to achieve the optimum moisture content, dryers are used to quickly reduce the moisture content of the commodity before storage or processing. For example, newly harvested corn may have a moisture content of 25% which, to prevent rot, needs to be lowered to 15% for storage. Depending on the need dryers can be attached to a bin fan, portable unit on wheels, or a separate fixed unit.

A.R. McKay can design and size an efficient storage and drying system that meets your specific needs.

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