Spiral Separators/Sorters

Spiral separators, also known as spiral sorters and rotary sorters, have a vertical spiral that is either fixed or can be rotated. They are used to separate free flowing round products (i.e. soybeans) from flat or oblong shapes (i.e. splits, hulls or weed seed).

Besides grain and beans, spiral sorters are used in industrial applications such as separating metal abrasives, metal shot, ceramic beads, glass beads and other types of material.

Material is loaded in a hopper where it is directed on to the top spiral. As the material flows down the spiral, round material flows over the edge of the flights and the non-round material continues down the center of the spiral. The non-round material on the inner flights exit a center discharge chute at the bottom.

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Rotary sorters are available as small laboratory models to multi-ganged units which are able to separate +800 soybeans bushels/hr.

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