KES Series Dual Shaft Shredder

The ruggedly constructed KES Series Dual Shaft Shredder features two high torque rotors turning at a low rpm. Tool steel cutters pull material through the shredder where size reduction occurs through both compression and shearing action. The KES Series is ideal for either primary or secondary processing where a large finished particle size or manual separation of the end product is the goal.


  • Long wearing heat treated tool steel cutters reduce maintenance
  • Direct drive, in-line planetary gearbox allows for optimal efficiency
  • Network capable touch screen control panel
  • In-feed hoppers and support stands designed to customer specification

MP Series Single Shaft Shredder

The low noise, low RPM MP Series Single Shaft Shredder is ideal for “drop & go” unattended operation, and is designed for less power usage, minimal dust, and reduced manpower requirements. Simply dump your scrap into the hopper and let the shredder do the work. The MP Series is the toughest, most durable machine you can buy for your volume reduction. Each component was engineered with your needs in mind; from the extra heavy frame, bearings and shaft, to the electrical controls and more.


  • Choice of 12″, 15” and 20” rotor diameter each standard with four- way reversible tool-steel cutting teeth
  • Heavy duty grates or perforated screens available in many sizes
  • Serrated anvil made from abrasion resistant steel
  • Heavy duty,off-the-shelf, non-customized components (bearings, gearboxes, fluid coupling, and controls)
  • Programmable electronic system logic with digital read-out
  • Adjustable hydraulic pressures, cycle timing and auto-retraction
  • All feed hoppers are custom built to suit application
  • Several optional types of discharge conveying equipment available – either pneumatic or mechanical
  • Optional magnets for ferrous metal extraction
  • Easily connects to finish grinding hammer mil