Shredders reduce material size by compression and shearing action. In agriculture shredders are used to increase surface area to precondition feedstock for anaerobic digestion and to shred agricultural waste into small pieces, making it easier to store, transport and recycle.

Industrial shredders are equipped with different kinds of cutting systems such as vertical shaft design, horizontal shaft design, single shaft, two shaft, three shaft and four shaft cutting systems.

The cutting mechanism grabs the material and pulls it through the rotating blades. As the material passes through, it is cut into various smaller shapes and sizes depending on the material and the design of the shredder.

Shreader Diagram

Sizing or discharge screens are sometimes included to remove contaminants (such as: sand, stones, glass, ceramics, and various metals) or send oversized pieces back through the shredding blades to ensure that the material reaches a specific size.

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