Cleaning & Sorting

A. R. McKay has rooted itself within the seed industry since the company’s infancy 60+ years ago. We take pride that we have the expertise and confidence to tackle all facets of seed processing, from improving existing operations to designing new facilities. We deeply involve ourselves with the customer and determine the required degree of separation while meeting or exceeding their capacity and efficiency expectations. With the ability to do full 3D design layouts, A. R. McKay can integrate a new piece of equipment into an existing facility as well as design a whole new operation entirely. Our large product line of separation equipment allows us to provide solutions from the largest seed processors to the weekend farmer. Seed processing tends to intertwine with our other divisions, because all aspects of your operation must be considered for optimum efficiency. Sizing material-handling equipment properly is key to insuring you get the most out of your processing machinery. After the seed is processed, the seed is ready to be treated (for replant), bagged, loaded in bulk trucks or stored. Please visit our other divisions to see how A. R. McKay can help you with other components of your process.

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Clipper DeBearders
Gravity Tables
Clipper Cleaners

The seed cleaning process involves the separation of three key components:

  • Husks, other seeds, dust, rocks, and other trash
  • Bad Seed (splits, cracks, low density, small)
  • The Good Seed

Equipment involved in the cleaning process

Air Screen Cleaner (size seperation)
Spirals (Round to Flat)
Gravity Table and Destoner (density seperation)
Optical Sorters