Screen Cleaners

Screen cleaners are used to separate trash from good product (grains, seeds ) depending on size and density. Some screeners have air blowers that work together to remove debris, dust, and other light contaminants.

A screener typically consists of a series of screens. Each screen has a different size/shape of perforations. Raw material is fed into a hopper and is then deposited on to a tilted vibrating or rotating screen. The large material is retained on the upper scalping screen and discharged. The good product is retained on the middle screen(s) and collected. The fines fall through the bottom sifting screen and discharged.Screen Cleaner Cleaners are commonly divided into two categories: high-capacity market cleaners and precision cleaners.

High-capacity market screen cleaners are used to clean large quantities of grain for grain terminals or grain elevators. Large multi-deck commercial screeners have the capacity t

o clean up to 3500 BPH (94 MTH). Capacities are based on product and required amount of cleaning.

Precision screen cleaners are typically used in animal feed plants, food production plants and seed plants. Precision cleaners remove a high percentage of foreign material (i.e. damaged grains and other impurities) allowing the grain to meet a high-quality finished product. Generally, precision cleaners have more screen decks that allow for a much more precise separation on size.

Lab/tabletop screen cleaners with 2 screens are available with capacities up to 30 BPH.

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AT Ferrell Eclipse 324 Screener

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