Schutte MP Single Shaft Shredder

The Schutte MP is a single shaft shredder. With low noise and low RPM, the MP Shredders are ideal for “drop & go” unattended operation. It is designed for less power usage, minimal dust, and reduced manpower requirements.

Simply dump your scrap into the hopper and let the shredder do the work. The MP shredders are available with a grinding deck from 36” xx36” to 72” x 66”.

Typical applications: baled agricultural products, C&D waste, E-scrap, paper & cardboard, municipal solid waste, wood pallets, demolition debris, furniture, & wood scrap

  • Standard Features:
  • 15” or 20” rotor diameter
  • heavy-duty grates or perforated screens
  • serrated anvil
  • programmable electronic system logic with digital read-out.
  • custom built feed hoppers


  • pneumatic or mechanical discharge conveying equipment.
  • downstream magnets


  •  Air: TBD
  •  Electrical: TBD
Schutte MP Shreader

Schutte MP Shredder

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