Pellet Mills

A pellet mill, also known as a pellet press, is a machine used to create pellets from powdered material. According to the production capacity, pellet mills can be divided into flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill.

Ring die pellet mills are large volume and high capacity. Production is from 800k g/hr. to 20ton/hr. They have a radial slot throughout the die. Powder is fed into the inside of the die and spreaders evenly distribute the powder. Two rollers then compress the powder through the die holes. Two cutters are used to cut the pellets free from the outside of the die.

 Flat die pellet mills are usually small volume and portable. Production is from 100kg./hr. to 1ton/hr. They use a flat die with slots. The powder is introduced to the top of the die and as the die rotates a roller presses the powder through the holes in the die. A cutter on the other side of the die cuts the exposed pellet free from the die.

Pellet mills Diagram

Applications for pellet mills include pellets for: animal feed, fertilizer, plastic waste, Gypsum, micronutrient, kaolin, and biomass.

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