When it comes to robotic palletizing solutions, Hamer leads the way. For almost a decade Hamer has provided superior robotic palletizing solutions to a wide variety of bagging applications. In 2010 we signed an integrator agreement with Motoman robotics, a part of the Yaskawa Company, the worldwide leader in industrial robotic manufacturing. Hamer is the leading Motoman palletizer integrator in North America. Motoman robotics offers outstanding service, high quality industrial robot designs and competitive pricing due to their worldwide leadership. Hands down the Hamer/Motoman palletizing solutions we offer provide the most durable, highest quality palletizing systems available, while ensuring the best return on your automation investment. Hamer palletizers are based on Motoman’s MPL series robots.

Hamer RPM Robotic Palletizer Module

Both single and dual stack robotic palletizing systems use in-feed conveyors to supply product to the pick where the Hamer RPM Robotic Bag Palletizer picks up product and places it on the pallet. Once a pallet has been completed, a fork lift is needed to remove the empty pallet and a new one must be placed for the next stacking. In the dual stack system the RPM Robotic Bag Palletizer continues to stack product on an empty pallet while the first pallet is removed, allowing for uninterrupted palletizing and increased work efficiency.

Hamer RPM Robotic Palletizer Systems May Include:

  • Heavy duty in-feed conveyors
  • 1 or 3 pallet stack
  • MPL 100 or MPL 160 robotic arm
  • Complete integration and controls
  • Hamer exclusive EasyPicTM operator software
  • Industrial design End Of Arm Tool
  • ANSI/RIA safety guard
  • Wide variety of configurations and system designs

Fully Automatic Robotic Bag Palletizers

Hamer Fully Automatic Robotic Bag Palletizers increase production rates and eliminate 100% of palletizing labor.

Like our semi-automatic system, Hamer fully automating palletizing systems utilize automatic in-feed conveyors to pace product in-feed to the pick-and-place palletizing station. The product is then stacked on empty pallets with or without slip sheets, which are automatically fed to the stacking area. Once a pallet has been completed it is ready for forktruck pickup or it is transferred to the in-line stretch wrapping/hooding equipment to automatically complete the pallet for shipment.


  • Heavy duty in-feed conveyors
  • Pallet dispenser
  • Slip sheet dispenser
  • Full pallet transfer conveyors
  • In-line Stretch Wrapping/Hooding
  • MPL 160 robotic arm
  • Complete integration and controls
  • Hamer EasyPicTM exclusive operator software
  • Industrial design End Of Arm Tool (EOAT)
  • Safety guarding
  • Wide variety of configurations and system designs

Conventional High Level Bag Palletizing Systems

Conventional high level palletizers have superior bag conditioning, layer forming and pallet unitizing capabilities. When automatically palletizing light bulk density or fluffy products the benefits of conventional mechanical palletizers can not be matched.

Typical systems include bag flattening conveyors (to condition bag), bag pacing/positioning conveyors, overhead turner for all butts out, or kick/post turner, and pattern forming conveyors. The Hamer high level bag palletizing systemoffers many unique features not found on other palletizers.


  • High Speed, up to 50 bags per minute
  • Variety of bag turning devices
  • Independent layer tamper does not stress slide plates
  • Air assist slide plates reduce possibility of bag deforming
  • Heavy duty 6″ tube steel frames
  • 10″ conveyor channels
  • Fully programmable for pallet modifications in the field
  • Full color easy to use touchscreen controller
  • Modem for remote programming/troubleshooting
  • SEW Euro drive motors
  • Fork style pallet dispenser
  • Optional slip sheet dispensor
  • Full range of options
  • Custom designed layout for each customer