Oliver Voyager Gravity Separator

The Oliver Voyager GVX series are gravity separators that can separate a complex mixture of dry materials. They separate the different individual particles depending on their density, resulting in a continuous gradation across a range of different densities. Depending on the product, the Voyage can process from 2,700 lb.hr to 15,000 lb./hr. and has a programmable logic circuitry with a pre-loaded menu which can store up to 20 separation “recipes”. 

Standard Features:

  • Built-in touchscreen
  • PLC w/ HMI touchscreen
  • integrated E-STOP circuit
  • adjustable side tilt, end raise, airflow, eccentric speed, and feed rate
  • UL and CUL approved electrical cabinets
  • rectangular deck design w/overcover & undercover
  • air zone control


  • discharge hopper
  • partial or full dust hoods
  • vibratory feeder
  • stainless steel contact points
  • Integration with plant SCADA


  • Air: NA 
  • Electrical: 230/480 VAC, 3 Ph, 60Hz
Oliver Voyager Gravity Separator

Oliver Voyager Gravity Separator

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