Oliver Maxi-Cap Gravity Separator

The Oliver Maxi-Cap series are high volume, heavy duty gravity separators that separate by density. The Maxi-Cap gravity table removes heavier stone, glass, metal, and sands as well as lighter lumber, agriculture products or plastics. Depending on the product, the Maxi-Cap can separate from 22,000 lb./hr. to 42,000 lb./hr.

Precise hydraulics and Opti-Drive automation make adjustment during operation a snap. The aspirating feeder removes the lightest contaminants as the product is being introduced.

Standard Features:

  • adjustable dual-axis tilt
  • multi-fan system w/independent fan control
  • operator console with platform
  • adjustable side tilt, end raise, air flow, feed rate, & eccentric motion speed
  • high side material bypass gates
  • variable frequency drive
  • product specific decks w/overcover & undercover
  • rectangular deck design
  • air zone control


  • stainless steel construction
  • custom catwalks
  • square-to-round discharge
  • full or partial dust hood,
  • vibratory or Accu-Flo feed gate
  • UL and CUL electrical cabinets


  • Air: NA 
  • Electrical: 240/480 VAC, 3 PH, 60 Hz
Oliver Maxi-Cap Gravity Separator

Oliver Maxi-Cap Gravity Separator

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