Oliver N Series Destoner

The Oliver N Series are low volume destoners that are used to remove unwanted debris from products by specific gravity. It separates material into two fractions by specific gravity using a fluidized bed of air and a vibrating deck.

Typically used in the nut seed, grain, coffee, recycling, mining, and lumber industries. Depending on the product and model, the N Series can process 2,000 to 10,00 lb./hr.

The N Series destoners are available in 3 deck sizes (14×48, 26×48, or 38×48) and can be used ahead of or after a gravity separator to ensure a high-quality product that is free of contaminants.

Products get fed into the deck and are then fluidized by bursts of pressured air that is blown up from underneath the bed. Lighter particles are blown up higher than heavier particles, and the downward tilt and vibrating motion of the deck allow them to flow to the bottom of the deck. Heavier particles are moved up.

Standard Features:

  • 3 deck size models
  • adjustable tilt
  • adjustable discharge gates
  • built-in fan
  • dust hood
  • VFD


  •  NA


  • Air:
  • Electrical
Oliver N-Series Destoner

Oliver N Series Destoner

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