Nolin-Steel Aspirator

The Nolin aspirator is used to separate light fluffy material (dust, chaff, straws, empty seed hulls) from the larger, heavier good product. Its fan lifts the lighter debris while larger heavier good product stays at the bottom.

Seed and grain are the most typical applications, although they can be used to clean up other products (i.e. separating paper from plastics).

Screen separators often have aspirators included before and/or after the screening process.

Standard Features:

  • 14” to 120” widths
  • 12 ga. steel construction
  • vibratory feed pan
  • outfall tank w/damper control
  • adjustable feed gate


  • stainless steel construction


  • Air:        
  • Electrical:
Nolin-Steel Aspirator

Nolin-Steel Aspirator

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