Lump breakers

Lump breakers, also called lump crushers or flake breakers, are used to break apart granules and powders that have agglomerated or formed lumps.

This is common for any material that can absorb moisture when stored. Some examples include:  cement, fertilizer, powdered chemicals, sugar and salts.

A lump breaker gently crushes and pulverizes fine material that has agglomerated or densified into its original, uniform particle size allowing for easier handling and further processing.


The agglomerated material is fed through the top of the unit where it is broken a part by blades within a housing. The rotation of these blades through stationary, fixed combs applies sufficient impact and compression force to efficiently break lumps of agglomerated material. The process continues until the material is reduced in size sufficient to pass through a screen at the discharge of the unit.

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Schutte BD Series Lump Breaker

Schutte BD Series Lump Breaker