Hammer Mills

15 Series Industrial Grinding Hammer Mill

When the application calls for high tonnage grinding of relatively low abrasive, organic and/or fibrous materials, the 15 Series Industrial Grinding Hammer Mill is your best choice. With five standard sizes (24” – 72” wide) to choose from, the 15 Series is available in either gravity or pneumatic discharge. The large rotor diameter allows for maximum discharge area while the easy to change screens allow for the exact desired finished particle size. The 44” rotor diameter provides the high tip speed required for maximum throughput using an 1800 rpm motor.


  • 44” rotor diameters produce high hammer tip speed at 1800 RPM
  • Screen discharge areas from 1,680 and 5,000 square inches
  • Perforated screens and/or heavy duty grates
  • Heavy plate construction and internal ribbed liner plates
  • Several styles of four-way reversible hammers
  • 1200 RPM motor available if required by application

18 Series Circ-U Flow Hammer Mill

The 18 Series Circ-U-Flow is a pilot scale full circle screen hammer mill, ideal for low to mid-range production, laboratory testing or pilot projects. This high speed hammer mill is designed for processing agricultural products, feed and grain, light wood waste, and other relatively easy to grind materials on a pilot or laboratory scale. The near full circle screen translates to a larger screen open area and thus the highest possible production rates on products that do not require initial grinding against a breaker plate. Suitable for either gravity or pneumatic evacuation.


  • Pilot scale 7″ width
  • High speed (3600 RPM) 18″ diameter rotor allows for high tip speed using 10-30hp motor
  • Easy to change screens a variety of sizes
  • Four-way reversible hammers
  • Hinged door with built in screen support for easy access