GSI Hopper Tanks

GSI hopper tanks are an excellent choice for wet or dry grain holding, overhead unloading systems, blending bins or long term grain storage. GSI hopper tanks mounted are on a concrete foundation with heavy structural wide-flanged columns, factory welded to thick steel base plates.

GSI Hoppers are available in a variety of slopes to match the correct tank size and required application. Both 45 and 40 degree hoppers are generally used with most dry whole grain products. The 45 degree hoppers are also often used for “wet holding.” A 60 degree hopper is used for “wet holding” or other applications where it is better suited.

The NCHT series, with 2.66″ corrugation, is designed for those applications where routine clean-out is required. The NCHT is a heavy-duty hopper tank for either wet grain, dry grain or for some specialty applications. NCHT hopper tanks are available in 40 degree, 45 degree, and 60 degree hoppers to meet many different requirements

The FCHT series, with 4.00″ corrugation, is available with a 45 degree hopper slope and is designed to cover a more specific “intermediate” range of capacities, providing the strength and reliability of a stiffened commercial tank and the cost advantage of a series designed for a specific limited size and capacity range. Using the wider corrugation provides optimum support for larger tank sizes.

The stiffeners are manufactured from high tensile strength steel, up to 70,000 PSI (483 MPA), and completely galvanized for durability. GSI stiffeners are installed two-post (two per sidewall panel) externally to bear directly on the base columns. The hinged grill vent features a vertically-mounted, large mesh, wire-formed screen to keep out pests and swings open freely to allow easy release of trash buildup. Corrugated and perforated aeration tubes may be added for longer term storage. Combined with a GSI inline centrifugal or vane-axial fan, GSI’s aeration systems offer unbeatable grain conditioning efficiency and performance.

Optional sidewall ladders, ladder cages and platforms provide easy access when entering, exiting or inspecting the tank. Also an optional roller valve assembly is available that is designed to attach directly to the hopper discharge collar and controlled by either a hand or chain wheel.


  • 40, 45, or 60 degree discharge cones
  • galvanized steel construction
  • welded wide-flanges support legs
  • 24″ diameter round access door


  • roller valve assembly
  • perforated aeration tubes
  • inline centrifugal or vane-axial fan
  • sidewall ladders
  • ladder cages
  • platforms
  • full circle roof rings


  •  Air: NA
  •  Electrical: TBD
GSI 40 Sereis Grain Bin

GSI Hopper Tanks

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