Ferrell-Ross Single HI-M Series Roller Mill

The Ferrell-Ross M Series Roller Mills are designed to provide an economical solution for medium duty particle size reduction. They are for customers with easy-to-grind products and low tonnage


The M Series Mills are widely used for cracking or grinding grains and oils seeds in lower capacity applications that do not require continuous operation. Model “M” applications include plastics, spices, nuts, food products, desiccants, various dry chemicals and feed processing.

The Model “M” mill utilizes 10” chilled cast rolls of the same quality as our industrial machines. These provide more surface area at the roll nip and a more controlled particle size.

The Model “M” is available as either a single-high with one pair of rolls, or a double reduction two high with one pair of rolls mounted on top of the other. Either mill is available with a variety of roll corrugations and can be ordered with or without an inlet hopper.

Standard Features:

  • two chilled cast iron rolls
  • mild steel mill housing
  • removable doors
  • pillow block and flange style roll bearings
  • pivot roll arms with eccentric vertical adjustment
  • heavy duty spring roll tension
  • v-belt drive
  • adjustable motor base
  • ten position oll gap adjustment
  • belt driven rotary paddle feeder (constant rpm)
  • adjustable feed gate
  • product sampling ports


  • main drive motor
  • micro hand wheel roll gap adjustment
  • small surge hopper
  • 6″ horizontal auger discharge


  •  Air: TBD
  •  Electrical: TBD
AT Ferrell Single HI-M Roller Mill

Ferrell-Ross Single HI-M Series Roller Mill

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