Fans & Dryers

Grain & seed growers use fans and supplemental heat to reduce &/or maintain moisture content to increase storage time and to prevent spoiling.


Fans are used to maintain &/or reduce the % moisture content of the grain in the storage bin. If the grain is dry enough when it enters the bin, aeration of 0.1 cfm per bushel of grain is typical. When drying grain more airflow is needed and aeration up to 0.5 to 1 cfm per bushel is typical.

Static pressure (pressure required to overcome the airflow resistance of the grain), temperature and humidity levels dictate how long and when the fans should be on. If the grain enters the bin with fairly high moisture, it may be necessary to run fans for several days straight to prevent deterioration and mold growth. Weather conditions will also determine whether supplemental heat is required.

There are four fan types: axial, low-speed centrifugal, high-speed centrifugal and inline centrifugal.

  1. Axial fan has a medium airflow capability and is most common on smaller operations.
  2. Low-speed centrifugal, typically seen in larger bins, has a lower rpm and low static pressure capability.
  3. High-speed centrifugal fans have low airflow and higher static pressure good for taller grain bins.
  4. Inline centrifugal fan run quietly and are designed to perform in medium static pressure applications.


Heaters/dryers are used to quickly reduce the moisture content for storage and processing. They are used in conjunction with a fan and are available in different sizes and configurations.

Low temperature upstream heaters are used when a slight rise in temperature is required to help reduce humidity in your bin. Low temp heaters are designed to provide a consistent amount of heat which results in less cycling and increases the life of components.

Low temperature downstream heaters are designed to supplement natural air drying systems when ambient conditions are not favorable. The heater is easily installed between the fan and the bin.

High temperature downstream heaters allow for crops to be efficiently and effectively dried inside of your grain bin. They are recommended to be used along with a stirrer system.

High temperature downstream axial heaters are designed for high temperature drying of corn and pulse crops. These heaters accommodate the high airflow of axial-bladed crop drying fans.

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