Oliver Maxi-Cap Destoners

Remove Heavy Impurities from Bulk Product
Highest Capacity Removal of Heavy Impurities from Bulk Product

Separate high capacities of lighter harvest desirables (seed, grain, precious metals, plastics or minerals 1⁄2″ in diameter or less) from heavy contaminants (such as glass, dirt, stones and metal) with outstanding e ciency. Add value and minimize process losses and equipment damage on a variety of products with the
most precise destoner on the market: Oliver’s legendary MaxiCap.


  • Multiple fans for better fluidization and stratification
  • Active Counter Balance for smooth operation
  • Hydraulic control over air and side and end raise adjustment
  • Longest warranty in the industry — 3 years
  • Aspirating feeder
  • Fast service and tech support turnaround from our USA plant