The impact de-huller, also called de-awner, is designed to remove the husk from pulse, the edible part of the seed. Due to surface characteristics of different types of grains it is necessary to apply friction to the grain to remove the husk.  Typical grains that can be de-hulled are barley, wheat, peas, beans, & lentils.

The seeds are fed into the inlet spout where it enters the hulling chamber. The centrifugal force of the rotating impeller wheel drives the pulses against the hulling ring. Proper speed of the rotating impeller is important to the hulling operation because it establishes the exact force of impact against the hulling ring. From the hulling chamber, the hulled product and any dust that has accumulated, enters the cyclone and is discharged out the bottom for further handling and processing.

Moisture, temperature and density play an important role in hulling efficiency. Product should be uniformly sized prior to hulling for best results.

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