A debearder  also known as a  re-thrasher  removes appendages from seed.

Many seeds have appendages (awns, pappi, hairs, wings, plumes) or are encased in pods that are adaptive for seed dispersal in nature. Hairy and “fluffy” appendages often cause seeds to cling together once harvested. Debearders (deawners) are used to remove appendages from seed that are difficult to clean with air-screen separators.

The debearder consists of a rotating shaft inside a steel cylinder. Steel beaters projecting from the shaft move the seed mass through the cylinder. Stationary posts on the steel cylinder prevent the seed mass from rotating with the horizontal shaft and provide vigorous rubbing action between the moving and stationary posts, other seed, and appendages.  The rotation speed of the shaft and distance between the beaters can be adjusted to limit seed damage.  A weighted discharge gate controls the amount of time the seeds remain in the cylinder.

A debearder is less aggressive than that of a hammermill. The debearder should not be used to clean fragile seeds as seed damage can occur.

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