AT Ferrell Prelude 826 Screen Cleaner

The AT Ferrell Prelude 826 is a mid-volume screen cleaner with two counter balanced shoe assemblies consisting of a Scalp-Scalp-Sift flow or a Scalp, Split-Sift Flow.

The top scalping screen deck is two screen sections in length while the other two screen decks are three screen sections each in length. All screen sections are 54″ x 26″ sections.

The Prelude 826 has ball tray cleaning technology, variable screen configurations and pre and after suction aspiration with adjustable air controls.

Standard Features:

  • over 150 different screen sizes
  • 3″ square tubing frame
  • reverse incline back fan
  • air lock discharge trash spout
  • electronic variable speed vibratory inlet feed
  • 2 air gate.
  • screen cleaning ball trays
  • replaceable metal screen ways and rubber screen seals


  • bottom blast fan
  • grease line assembly
  • side mounted controls
  • various motor drive packages
  • 24″,36″ or 48″ stands
  • clean seed conveyors


  •  Air:
  •  Electrical
AT Ferrell Prelude 826 Screener

AT Ferrell Prelude 826 Screen Cleaner

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