Aspirators, also known as scalpers or blowers, are pre-cleaners typically used prior to storage or processing. They separate light fluffy material (dust, chaff, straws, empty seed hulls) from the larger, heavier good product.

Aspirators are set up for a specific density & size of product.  Seed and grain are the most typical applications, although they can be used to clean up other products (i.e. separating paper from plastics).

Blowers utilize an upward airflow, which is generated by a fan, to lift the lighter material while larger heavier good product stays at the bottom. The amount of air volume determines the percentage lifted. The accuracy of the separation required will determine the capacity that can be achieved. Depending on the product and the allowable % contamination, aspirators can process up to 10,000 BPH (270mt/hr.​)

Before Aspiration  After Aspiration

Before Aspiration                                                  After Aspiration

An aspirator may have a reel that removes oversized material such as straw, lumps and stones, depending on the reel’s mesh size. Screen separators often have aspirators included before and/or after the screening process.

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Nolin-Steel Aspirator