Seed Production & Materials Processing

Bag Filling, Bulk Material Handling & More

Over 60 Years of Seed & Material Processing Experience & Service

At A. R. McKay Processing Machinery, Inc., we have established ourselves as leaders within the seed processing industry. Whether the goal is to replant the seeds or to eat them, proper seed processing is essential. From cleaning to treating, you can count on our expertise to provide your facility with the equipment you are searching for.

We also pride ourselves in our bulk material handling equipment. We work very closely with all our clients, so you can be confident that you purchase the perfect equipment for your needs. Using proper equipment is essential when it comes to material handling. Each piece of equipment must fit together correctly while fitting within the specific dimensions of your facility. At A. R. McKay Processing Machinery, Inc., we will work with you to develop comprehensive illustrations of your process and facility so that we can ensure you purchase the proper material handling equipment.

From seed processing and material handling to packaging and storage, you can trust A. R. McKay Processing Machinery, Inc. We established our roots in the industry over 60 years ago, and we have continued to grow and expand our expertise ever since. Whether you’re researching how to improve your seed processing or material handling process, you know already know exactly what equipment you’re looking for, or you’re somewhere in between, reach out to A. R. McKay Processing Machinery, Inc. today.